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The Big Idea:

Larger than life roller skate wheels, interactive sculpture.


Skate Spot Interactive Sculptures 
For City of Gaithersburg, Maryland 

Outdoor Installation Concept 

Commissioned to conceptualize and create unique environmental elements for newly created skate park. Developed the solution by creating custom skate park wheels based on color palettes found in the city itself creating shapes that reflected oneness of the community ever in motion. Pitched multiple oversized skate wheel forms to move when the wind caught them.  These forms would sit atop beds of gravel. Took it a step further by also pitching making the skate wheels available for purchase for the multiple skateboarders and rollerbladers who would utilize the part along with other sports gear such as lightweight t-shirts and water bottles. Proceeds from the purchase of these items would go towards maintaining the skate park.

Screen Shot 2024-04-14 at 9.18.49 PM.png
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