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The Big Idea:

Find a way to build creative problem solving skills and reduce stress.


The Doodle Challenge
Product Suite 

Illustration / Copy / Layout / Product Design / Game Design / UX

Unlock your creativity with The Doodle Challenge! Made for both children and adults, The Doodle Challenge is a fun cognitive game based in neuroscience, psychology and art/design theory developed to hone communication and problem solving skills. With over 8+ different decks to choose from the storytelling possibilities are endless! 


Each deck comes with access to The Doodle Challenge timer app as well as access to the online Doodle Portal for teachers which includes multiple variations of game play depending on the age group of the players as well as solo/group play. Different decks can even be used together for additional ways to play! Become a Master Doodler and race against the clock to complete your doodle or explore untimed. 


The Doodle Challenge won the Parent Teacher Choice Award in 2019. *Lesson plans are available.

The Doodle Challenge is currently available for schools and businesses.

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