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The Big Idea:

Teaching kids to count 1 - 10 in multiple languages across mediums.


How Many Scoops 
For Tyto Kids


Illustration / Copy / Layout / Product Design / Game Design / UX

How Many Scoops? is an engaging children's book designed to teach counting to 10 and introduce basic addition. Follow the adorable Gator as he indulges in his love of ice cream. As the scoops pile up, so does the fun and learning!

But this adventure doesn't stop at the final page. Every product line extension is crafted to reinforce the counting journey, with a playful emphasis on adding and subtracting scoops. From interactive iPad matching games to cuddly plush animals, an online ice cream creator game to a magnetic set for hands-on learning, each product offers a unique way to engage children in numerical exploration.

Whether flipping through the soft cover print book or diving into the interactive e-book, children will delight in the delightful world of Gator - and his irresistible ice cream obsession! - while mastering essential math skills.

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