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The Big Idea:

Find a way to personalize repeat museum visitation & outreach.


Museum Experience & Branding Suite
Ardeligo Gallery 

Creative Direction / UX / Content Development / Brand Development / Experience Design / Exhibit Design

Ardeligo Gallery unlocks history, technology, and art learning for everyone. Offering both on-site classes and online courses for children, teens, and adults, Ardeligo Gallery caters to every eager mind. Their user-friendly online portal allows students to connect with classmates, track their progress, and unlock exclusive bonus content. Teachers can even incorporate ready-to-use lesson plans into their own curriculum. The physical gallery personalizes each visitor’s experience using a learning profile system and interactive exhibits, featuring gamification and touchscreens. Partnering with local colleges and startups, Ardeligo Gallery creates a unique and engaging way to learn for all ages. Ardeligo Gallery: where education meets inspiration.

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